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After 6 years of content and competition, Rainbow Six Siege organised the 6th Six Invitational . But this year 2022 was special due to the sanitary situation which did not allow us to organize a physical event as we do every year. The event took place online only.  


I was in charge of the art direction of this event. To give a kind of freshness to the brand, I continued to move away from our traditional art direction, bringing illustration and abstract geometry mixed with the orignal colors. The hexagon signature was a personal choice that brought back abstraction into our sometimes conservative identity. It also made it possible to create a global graphic convergence through the ingame event, the narrative content and the identity of the six invitational.


This year, I worked with four external artist to bring freshness and variety to the brand:Sunstark,  Eureka,  SkizzleBoots and FrAgMenT. Their graphic signatures fit very well with the identity of the Six Invitational. Modern, mature and powerful style caught my eyes. Amazing artists!

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