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I am always looking for new experiments and visual techniques. In this personal project, I wanted to mix my expertise in ice with the use of a branded product such as Fahrenheit perfume by Christian Dior. Apart from the ice, I also used my knowledge of lighting, projection effects and 3D printing.

This video allowed me to sharpen my knowledge in these disciplines and realize that subjects with reflection and transparency are not easy to stage.

As material, I used my Nikon Z9 with the 105mm 2.8 ED macro and the 24-70mm 2.8 Z. I also used my motorized slider ecosystem from Edelkrone to create motion even in timelapse mode. For the visual effects, I used a little Asus projector which is very usefull and transportable and the Vosentech MicroFogger 3 Pro for the smoke.


Musics is:
Runner by Ryan Taubert

Liscenced by Musicbed

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