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After 4 years of content and competition, Rainbow Six Siege organised the fourth Six Invitational where the 16 best teams in the world gathered for the annual grand final in Montreal. During 3 full days, fans, professional players, content creators and developers gathered at the Bell Center venue in order to watch new live content showcases, as well as developer & community panels.

I was in charge of the art direction of this event. To give a kind of freshness to the brand, I continued to move away from our traditional art direction, bringing illustration and abstract geometry mixed with the season operation colors. The hexagon signature was a personal choice that brought back abstraction into our sometimes conservative identity. It also made it possible to create a global graphic convergence through the ingame event, the narrative content and the identity of the six invitational.

This year, I worked with an external artist to bring more freshness and variety to the brand. Marc Laming is a British illustrator and designer. He works with our provider: the Lounak Studio based in Montreal. Marc is known for his work on Marvel's Star Wars titles. He have a comic book approach which fitted with the graphic style I wanted to explore.

The scenography and the motion design were directed by my colleague Jean-Philippe Rajotte who worked with the Eltorro studio and Tribu Expérientiel to realise the show.

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